Introducing an integrated fully automatic sewage treatment system to reduce manpower and increase efficiency!

In order to further improve the efficiency and management level of sewage treatment in sewage stations, realize real-time and continuous monitoring of sewage treatment processes, and accelerate the process of intelligent construction of mines, HZFilter Company's integrated fully automatic sewage treatment system is coming.


The waste water purification system uses advanced technology and equipment to monitor the operation status of the sewage station in real time, monitor the flow, temperature, suspended pollution, COD and other indicators of the sewage station in real time for a long time. Through intelligent control of the key treatment units and even the entire process of the sewage station, Automatically adjust parameters according to the incoming water load and operating conditions, reduce material and energy consumption, ensure the normal progress of the sewage treatment process and ensure that the water quality after treatment reaches the standard. Its control interface is clear, simple to operate, has high stability and reliability, and is convenient for post-workers Use and maintenance.


The key technology of this system is the automated operation of the MBR membrane group. It mainly relies on procedures such as preparation of chemicals, aeration and flushing, backwashing, and mud discharge, which effectively reduces the labor intensity of management personnel and reduces the number of employees by 3. Compared with before, the cost can be reduced by 30%. %, achieving the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


Our company actively responds to the intelligent manpower reduction policy. Through automated control, it not only improves the sewage treatment efficiency and sewage treatment quality of the sewage station, reduces pollutants, and realizes manned inspections and unattended operations, but also, through real-time monitoring, can timely The discovery and handling of abnormal situations greatly reduces the possibility of environmental accidents and brings the mine's intelligent environmental protection work to a new level.

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