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Hangzhou Filter Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Filter Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a filter press manufacturer, produces full types of filter presses and accessories. With more than 20 years’ manufacturing and marketing experiences in local & abroad markets, our brand “JINGWANG” and “HZ FILTER” acquired a very good reputation from our clients.

Main types of the filter press we offering are plate & frame filter press, chamber recessed filter press, membrane filter press as well as stainless steel plate filter press. Each type of filter press is optional in manual jack type, pneumatic pump type, hydraulic type and fully automatic program controlled type.

The filter plates available in plate & frame type, chamber recessed type and membrane type. Sizes ranges from 315x280mm to 2000x2000mm, which is the fullest range among the filter press industry. Categories from the pressure, we are producing the 6 bar to 12 bar for the chamber recessed plate, besides, 12 bar & 20 bar squeezing pressure are designed for the membrane filter plates.

We have served clients from different industries, mostly are for semiconductor WWT, WWT, iron ore filtering, clay filtering, red mud filtering, chemicals filtering, carrageenan filtering, palm oil filtering, coconut oil filtering, dyestuff filtering, food industries, pharmaceuticals industry and other solid liquid separations applications.

We have strict quality control on all the parts and materials we produced or purchased. Each machine will follow the fully inspection and testing before going out to our clients. And all the machines will have one year warranty guaranteed by us. You can trust us as a long term cooperation partner.

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