• China's filter press manufacturing champion - HZfilter

    Hangzhou Filter is a professional Chinese filtration equipment manufacturer. It has ranked first in the production and sales of filter presses for 15 consecutive years, and its products are exported to all over the world. Possess multiple international invention patents.
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  • Leading enterprise of high-end filter press

    Hangzhou Filter Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a filter press manufacturer, produces full types of filter presses and accessories.
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  • How to choose a suitable plate and frame filter press manufacturer?

    Today, we will bring you an article on how to choose a suitable plate and frame filter press supplier. As a leading company in the industry, we know that choosing a suitable supplier is crucial to a company's production efficiency and cost control. Now, let’s discuss this topic together!
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  • Introducing an integrated fully automatic sewage treatment system to reduce manpower and increase efficiency!

    In order to further improve the efficiency and management level of sewage treatment in sewage stations, realize real-time and continuous monitoring of sewage treatment processes, and accelerate the process of intelligent construction of mines, HZFilter Company's integrated fully automatic sewage treatment system is coming.
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  • Do you really understand the center drive mud scraper?

    Center drive series mud scrapers are commonly used mud discharge equipment for circular sedimentation tanks in sewage treatment plants. They are generally used in sedimentation tanks with smaller tank diameters. The center drive mud scrapers produced by Shandong Sichuan University are siphon type mud suction machines. The mud machine scrapes the sludge settled on the bottom of the pool to a set of sludge suction pipe nozzles arranged along the radius, and then discharges it through the central sludge discharge pipe to facilitate sludge return or concentration and dehydration, and scrape the sc
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