Does the temperature of filtrate have a great influence on the filter press


The temperature of filtrate has a great influence on the filter press. The temperature of the filtered liquid directly affects the filtration efficiency of the filter press and whether the filtration is normal. When the temperature of the filtrate exceeds the design temperature of the filter press and the temperature of the filter plate, it will directly cause the deformation of the filter plate of the filter press, or reduce the acid-base resistance of the filter plate, or accelerate the damage of the filter plate.

As the temperature of the filtered liquid increases, the water molecules are easier to flow, so the water is easier to flow out of the filter cloth. In addition, the temperature of the filtered liquid will also be transferred to the filter cloth in contact with it. At different temperatures, the holes of the filter cloth will also change directly. At high temperature, the temperature of the fiber in the filter cloth is also lower. With the increase of temperature, the pore size will increase slightly, so the increase of degree will improve the filtration efficiency.

When the filter press encounters high temperature in the filtration process, the evaporation of water will reduce the actual working efficiency of the equipment to the greatest extent. After all, if we only look at the results, the treated liquid will certainly decrease with evaporation, but this is a normal phenomenon, which is inevitable in actual production.

When purchasing a filter press, the manufacturer must be informed of the temperature of the filtrate. The influence of ambient temperature on the operation of filter press is discussed. The current filter press equipment has more or less circuits. Everyone knows that the circuit is in a high temperature environment, coupled with its own heat, the circuit is sometimes very natural, which is why some equipment that is too long is prone to problems in summer.

If the ambient temperature is too high and the hydraulic unit stops working, it may cause the temperature of the hydraulic oil to be too high and the room temperature of the hydraulic chamber to be too high. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the change of hydraulic system when using hydraulic filter press in summer.

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