Causes of electric failure of filter press and no response of control button

As the filter press is usually used in a very bad environment, it either contains a certain concentration of acid gas, or full of kerosene, alkaline dust, etc. In the long run, these corrosive chemicals can accumulate and damage the electrical components of the filter. This can cause electrical problems and cause the control buttons to not respond. Here is the solution to this problem:


When the operation of the control button of the filter press is invalid, please first check whether the structure and contact of the control button of the filter press are normal. Inspection method: press the corresponding button to observe whether the corresponding node indicator light of PLC input terminal is on. If it is on, it means that the button has no fault. If not, check the button and related wiring.


When it is confirmed that there is no fault on the input side, continue to press the input button, and observe whether the relevant indicator light on the output terminal side of PLC is on. If any indicator lights are on, check the intermediate relays, contactors and solenoid coils associated with the output. If no indicator light is on, it means that PLC does not meet the output conditions. Check whether the relevant limit switch and proximity switch are in good condition, and whether the opening and closing of the node are correct, so as to find out the cause of the fault, make correct judgment and solve it in time.


On this issue, I would like to remind you that in addition to product quality and function, the corrosion resistance of electrical components should also be considered when purchasing filter press, so as to avoid premature corrosion of electrical components. Using the machine will bring more unnecessary maintenance costs and trouble.

Post time:Jun-29-2021

Post time: 2023-11-20 16:46:36
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