Debugging steps for fully automatic dosing device

As the name suggests, the dosing device is a mechanical automated dosing system, which is widely used in water treatment, petroleum, chemical and other industries. The operation process of the dosing device is very simple. It can be operated manually or through a controller, but when adding Corresponding debugging work must be done before the medicine device starts working. This is necessary to avoid unnecessary trouble!


  1. 1.Check whether the water source and power supply are connected.


  1. 2.Set the control button of the electric control box to the "manual" position, and check one by one whether each device is intact and whether the motor rotation is correct (the valve on the water inlet pipe should be opened when checking the rotation of the feed motor).


  1. 3.Use your hands to move the float ball up and down one by one to see if it can send out a signal normally, and then check whether the level alarm in the hopper can work normally.


  1. 4.Put dry PAM solid powder (not less than 5Kg) into the hopper and place a suitable container at the feed port.


  1. 5.Open the water inlet valve and press the feed motor start button. Feeding will start at this time. After running for one minute, feeding will stop.


  1. 6.Weigh the polymer mass in the container and make records.


  1. 7.Repeat steps 5 and 6 above, and predict the average weight of the powder fed through the feeder.


  1. 8.Repeat the above three steps and make good records. Since the feed rate is controlled and the feeder speed is known, the feed rate curve can be drawn for future reference. You can also directly adjust the amount of powder and water to a certain value to prepare the solution (for example, to prepare a 5‰ PAM solution of 1000L/h, you can directly adjust the amount of powder to 5Kg/h and the amount of water to 1000L/h).


  1. 9.Stop the feeder.


  1. 10.Turn the control switch in the electric control box to the "automatic" position.


  1. 11.When the liquid level reaches a high level, the feeder should be able to automatically stop, stop water inflow at the same time, and start the metering pump (or open the drain ball valve of the liquid storage room). When the liquid level reaches a low level, the feeder should be able to automatically open the feeder. Material, water.

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