What should be paid attention to when the plate and frame filter press is overhauled for the first time

In the process of using the plate and frame filter press, overhaul should be carried out regularly, especially the first overhaul after use. There are more aspects to pay attention to, and the first overhaul inspection is more important. Let’s take a look at the first “inspection” preventive measures given by the staff of HZFILTER filter press.


1. The inspection of hydraulic station includes the content of hydraulic oil and the hydraulic coefficient of hydraulic station. This is because the hydraulic station is an important power part of the filter press. Whether it works normally is related to the pressure of filter chamber of plate and frame filter press. It is more important to keep the constant pressure of the filter chamber.

2. Whether all Sludge pumps mainly have sludge leakage and the sealing of bearings and packing of these sludge pumps. It usually needs to be checked within half a month.

3. Need to check the oil window of air compressor and speed regulating motor. The new equipment was lubricated at the time of purchase. In general, the inspection should be continued within one month.

4. Check the control content of these gases by checking the valve activation of the air hole and the pressure reducing valve.

5. Check the filter plate. In the early stage of the filter plate of the plate and frame filter press, the quality of the filter plate can be seen, and the oxidation of the filter plate can be checked; When the filter plate is eroded by water for a long time, the water content of the filter plate and the erosion depth of water will increase.

6. For the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press that has been used for one month, it should also be checked, mainly to check whether the filtering conditions, damage and filtering process are normal.

7. Also check the motor and circuit of the plate and frame filter press. Check whether the circuit is burnt due to excessive current; Whether the moving parts have friction or wear to prevent damage by rats and other animals.

The above is the first large-scale maintenance work of plate and frame filter press need to pay attention to, I hope you can master and apply to daily operation, so as to have the effect of extending service life.

Post time:Jul-05-2021

Post time: 2023-11-20 16:44:37
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