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    Semiconductor WWT, concrete slurry, building slurry, electroplating waste water, printing & dying waste water, sand wash, etc.

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    Limestone, quartz, diamond, graphite, black lead, titanium dioxide, silicon carbide, carbon white, etc.

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    Kaolin, bentonite, ceramic, china clay, etc.

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    Oil seed

    Palm oil, coconut oil, edible oil, vegetable oil, cooking coil, kernel oil, bran oil, sesame oil, etc.


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  • Over 25 years of experience

    Since 1990, we have been partnering with various suppliers and manufacturers of bike parts to provide our customers with high-quality replacement parts for their bikes for over 25 years.

  • 1 year warranty for all machinery

    Long time and stable supplying on all spare parts

  • Over 25 years of experience

    We guarantee the best customer service with easy product returns & replacements as well as 24-hour support for all our clients. Besides, every client also gets free worldwide delivery of any part from our catalog.

  • InnovationInnovation


    An innovation is a new thing or a new method of doing something

  • CooperationCooperation


    willingness to be helpful and do as you are asked

  • Energy SavingEnergy Saving

    Energy Saving

    Research on technical and economic evaluation index and method of energy saving project

Filter Press News

  • Features of water treatment grille decontamination machine

    Water is the most important resource for human survival. Whether it is daily life, industrial development, urban construction, etc., will produce a lot of sewage. If left untreated, water will run out one day. In order to survive the continuation of the recycling and utilization of water resources, in addition to sewage equipment is a must for us. There are three common methods for sewage treatment, which are sieve interception method, gravity separation method and centrifugal separation method. Among them, the most used method is screening and intercepting sewage treatment. For example, the g

  • winter! Precautions when using filter press

    Entering winter, rain and snow are ushering in all over the world. Dear friends of plate and frame filter press, please pay attention to prevent rain and moisture in time. It is not easy to make money, and damaged parts will cause delays in work and work. Be sure to strengthen protection work. In case of equipment failure and For related questions, please communicate with our after-sales personnel or business manager in time to solve the problem. Please do not disassemble it by yourself to cause unnecessary damage. Thank you for your support and love.

  • Check the membrane filter press on time to quickly eliminate equipment faults and hidden dangers

    In addition to being transported to the site for the first time and requiring installation and commissioning, it is also very important to check the membrane filter press after it has been used for ab

  • Possible problems of plate and frame filter press in operation

    The plate and frame filter press is easy to use and welcomed by many users. In actual operation, due to various conditions, some problems may occur in the production of the plate and frame filter pres

  • Filter mechanism of filter press

    The filter mechanism of the filter press is composed of filter plate, filter frame, filter cloth and membrane. Both sides of the filter plate are covered by filter cloth. When press membrane is requir

  • Precautions for using membrane filter press

    The membrane filter press has remarkable characteristics in terms of the processing capacity per unit area, reducing the moisture content of the filter cake, and adaptability to the nature of the trea

  • Causes and solutions of seepage during filtration by filter press

    Various failures may occur during the operation of the filter press. Although some problems are not serious, they will still affect the normal production process. Users may encounter the penetration p

  • What should be paid attention to when the plate and frame filter press is overhauled for the first time

    In the process of using the plate and frame filter press, overhaul should be carried out regularly, especially the first overhaul after use. There are more aspects to pay attention to, and the first o

  • What should be paid attention to when not using the plate and frame filter press for a long time

    Plate and frame filter press is the first machine used for chemical dehydration. Although the plate and frame filter press usually operates intermittently, the investment in infrastructure equipment i

  • The maintenance of diaphragm filter press bearing should pay attention to these three points

    With the increase of filter pressure, the risk of pressure difference at the end of each filtration cycle will increase rapidly. Diaphragm pressure filtration technology advocates low pressure filtrat

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