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    Semiconductor WWT, concrete slurry, building slurry, electroplating waste water, printing & dying waste water, sand wash, etc.

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    Limestone, quartz, diamond, graphite, black lead, titanium dioxide, silicon carbide, carbon white, etc.

  • 03


    Kaolin, bentonite, ceramic, china clay, etc.

  • 04

    Oil seed

    Palm oil, coconut oil, edible oil, vegetable oil, cooking coil, kernel oil, bran oil, sesame oil, etc.


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    company established

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Why Choose Us

  • Over 25 years of experience

    Since 1990, we have been partnering with various suppliers and manufacturers of bike parts to provide our customers with high-quality replacement parts for their bikes for over 25 years.

  • 1 year warranty for all machinery

    Long time and stable supplying on all spare parts

  • Over 25 years of experience

    We guarantee the best customer service with easy product returns & replacements as well as 24-hour support for all our clients. Besides, every client also gets free worldwide delivery of any part from our catalog.

  • InnovationInnovation


    An innovation is a new thing or a new method of doing something

  • CooperationCooperation


    willingness to be helpful and do as you are asked

  • Energy SavingEnergy Saving

    Energy Saving

    Research on technical and economic evaluation index and method of energy saving project

Filter Press News

  • A brief discussion on the material and types of filter plates of plate and frame filter presses

    Composition of filter press The filter pressis mainly composed of main frame,filter plate, filter cloth, water nozzle, electric control cabinet, hydraulic station and other components. The filter plat

  • Briefly describe the common problems of filter plates

    During use, do you spray grout between thefilter plates? If spraying suddenly occurs after long-term use, it may be caused by insufficient pressure in the machine itself or uneven filter cloth. If th

  • How does a fully automatic filter press work?

    The driving force for filtration of a fully automatic filter press is the pressure difference on both sides of the filter medium, which is called the working pressure. The filtration process of the fully automatic filter press is as follows: the suspension is introduced into each filter frame from the feed hole, and the filtrate is pushed through the filter media layer under pressure and flows to the filter surface of the filter plate. After being concentrated in the grooves of the filter surface, the filtrate is discharged from the hole discharged from the machine.discharged from the machine.

  • Deeply cultivate filter presses to seize new needs

    The industry hzfilter is engaged in is simply "solid-liquid separation". Sewage treatment, chemical industry, minerals, sand and gravel, new energy battery recycling, etc.

  • Which industries use high-pressure membrane filter presses?

    Ordinary chamber filter presses are suitable for most industries. The normal moisture content of the mud cake is about 75%, while the normal moisture content of the mud cake of high-pressure membrane filter press is about 65%, depending on the materials and processes.

  • Introduction to high-pressure membrane filter press

    The high-pressure membrane filter press is an intermittent pressurized filtration equipment, used for filtration of various media, with good filtration effect and low moisture content of the filter cake. The high-pressure membrane filter press adopts a building block structure. Each part has a reasonable structure and simple connection. It can be used in different combinations to meet the requirements of different users.

  • The most comprehensive plate and frame filter press information

    Mechanical filter press wastewater treatment operation and precautions 1. Tighten the filter plate: Turn on the power, start the motor, and tighten the filter plate of the filter press. Note that the

  • 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Plate and Frame Filter Press

    Q1: What should I do if there are wear grooves on the edge of the filter plate? After the filter plate is used for a period of time, due to the influence of particulate matter and other factors, groov

  • State-of-the-art screw press equipment

    In addition, the company also pays close attention to the market, constantly excavates the future market demand, and continues to study the technical reserves of potential emerging markets to maintain the leading position in the industry. Please email: w.xu@hz-filter.com.

  • Laboratory small filter, customized for you!

    Our small candle filter is used for filtration of liquor, rice wine, fruit wine, beer, juice, beverages, vinegar, soy sauce, cooking wine, biological and other similar liquid beverages

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