Filter mechanism of filter press

The filter mechanism of the filter press is composed of filter plate, filter frame, filter cloth and membrane. Both sides of the filter plate are covered by filter cloth. When press membrane is required, a group of filter plates is composed of membrane plate and side plate. Both sides of the base plate of the membrane plate are covered with rubber diaphragms, and the outside of the membrane is covered with filter cloth. The side plate is an ordinary filter plate.

Materials enter each filter chamber from the feeding hole on the thrust plate. Solid particles are trapped in the filter chamber because their particle size is larger than that of the filter media (filter cloth), and filtrate flows out from the outlet hole below the filter plate. When the filter cake needs to be pressed dry, in addition to the membrane press, compressed air or steam can also be introduced from the washing port, and the air flow flushes the water in the filter cake to reduce the water content of the filter cake.
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The filter press can be divided into open flow filter and undercurrent flow filter.
(1) Open flow filtration: the outlet hole below each filter plate is equipped with a water nozzle, and the filtrate flows out from the water nozzle intuitively.
(2) Undercurrent filtration: a liquid outlet channel hole is set under each filter plate, and the liquid outlet holes of several filter plates are connected to form a liquid outlet channel, which is discharged by the pipeline connected with the liquid outlet holes under the thrust plate.

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