Precautions for using membrane filter press

The membrane filter press has remarkable characteristics in terms of the processing capacity per unit area, reducing the moisture content of the filter cake, and adaptability to the nature of the treated materials. What should be paid attention to in the daily use of the membrane filter press?

The person in charge of HZFILTER filter press said that the precautions for the use of membrane filter press are as follows:

1. Operators must be familiar with the contents of the instruction manual and operate, adjust, use and maintain in strict accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual.

2. High quality filter cloth shall be selected. The filter cloth shall not be damaged and the sealing surface shall not be folded or overlapped.

3. Frequently check whether the parts and components of the whole machine are installed safely, whether the fasteners are fastened, whether the hydraulic system leaks oil, and whether the transmission parts are flexible and reliable.
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4. The oil temperature in the oil tank should not be higher than 60 ℃; Water and dust are strictly prohibited in the oil tank; The oil filter on the hydraulic station shall be cleaned frequently. The electrical control part shall be tested for insulation performance once a month, and the damaged electrical components shall be replaced or repaired in time.

5. After each start-up, carefully observe the working condition of the machine. In case of any abnormality, immediately stop the machine for maintenance.
In the daily use of the membrane filter press, in addition to the above, it is also necessary to regularly check whether the quality of hydraulic oil and the height of oil level meet the requirements, and whether the oil of the membrane filter press is pure. Of course, the surrounding of the hydraulic system should also be kept clean. Only through correct operation and daily maintenance can the maximum value of the membrane filter press be brought into play.

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