Causes and solutions of seepage during filtration by filter press

Various failures may occur during the operation of the filter press. Although some problems are not serious, they will still affect the normal production process. Users may encounter the penetration problem of the filter press. What is the reason? Let’s briefly describe it below.

Filter press is a filter system composed of frame, filter plate and filter cloth. When the manufacturer manufactures the filter press, the surface of the filter plate is milled flat by a CNC milling machine. Before leaving the factory, the filter press will also undergo an empty machine water test. It is reasonable to say that there will be no leakage, and the period of leakage is after the customer installs the filter cloth. After the new machine arrived at the site, the new filter cloth installed by the manufacturer was used for the material filtration process.

At this time, some guests responded that there was leakage and asked us what was the matter.

First, whether the filter press is compressed, what is the compression pressure, and whether it reaches the use pressure.

Second, whether the filter cloth is placed smoothly and whether there is foreign matter pressed in. The common foreign matter is the binding of the filter cloth.

Third, if the machine is an undercurrent type, check whether the undercurrent holes of the filter cloth are aligned. If one hole is not aligned, it will affect the liquid output of the whole machine.

Another reason is that it is a new filter cloth. The gap between the longitude and latitude of the filter cloth of the filter press is large. After several times of use, the material blocks the gap and will not leak.

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