Check the membrane filter press on time to quickly eliminate equipment faults and hidden dangers

In addition to being transported to the site for the first time and requiring installation and commissioning, it is also very important to check the membrane filter press after it has been used for about a month. Timely inspection can quickly eliminate equipment failures and hidden dangers, which will improve the future operation and service life of the membrane filter press.

1.Check the hydraulic station, including the content of hydraulic oil and hydraulic coefficient of the hydraulic station. This is because the hydraulic station is an important power part of the membrane filter press. Its normal operation is related to the pressure of the filter chamber of the membrane filter press. It is more important to keep the pressure of the filter chamber constant.

2.Whether all sludge pumps have mud leakage, and whether the bearings and packing seals of these sludge pumps. It usually takes half a month to check.

3.The oil observation window of the air compressor and speed governing motor needs to be checked. When purchasing new equipment, lubricating oil has been added, and the inspection is usually continued within one month.

4.Start the valve by checking the air hole, check and control the contents of these gases, and check the pressure reducing valve.

5.Check the filter plate. At the initial stage,  you can check whether the filter plate is good or not, and check the oxidation of the filter plate; When the filter plate is eroded by water for a long time, the water content of the filter plate and the depth of water erosion.

6.The filter cloth of membrane filter press that has been used for one month shall also be checked, mainly to see whether it is filtered, damaged, and whether the filtering flow is normal.

7. Also check the motor and circuit of the membrane filter press. Check whether the circuit is burnt due to excessive current; Whether the moving parts have scratches and abrasions to prevent the injury of rats and other animals.

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