The origin and development of filter press

In ancient China, there was a simple filter press, which was also the earliest prototype of a filter press in history. In the Han Dynasty, a relatively simple filter press and filtering equipment were used in the brewing process. In ancient my country, drinking wine together with wine was a way of drinking. In Han Dynasty scholar Han Ying's "Han Shi" There is such a sentence in Volume 4 of "Waiden": "Jie is a wine pond, which can transport boats, and the hills are enough to see for ten miles." This record reflects that the society at that time had awakened to a certain scale of wine production, and had learned how to separate it. Wine and wine trough.


In 1965, a rice wine filter press pilot project was organized by the Ministry of Light Industry, and the BKY54/820 gas mode plate and frame filter press appeared. This ended the traditional manual pressing and filtering method in my country.


In the early 19th century, Germans loved drinking, which led to the development of the German wine industry. In order to quickly make wine, local companies invented the world's first plate and frame filter press, which promoted the development of the German wine industry. .


Development of filter press:


The first generation filter press: suitable for dehydrating coal slime and clean coal with high ash content, fine particle size, and high viscosity. The product moisture and concentration are good, but it has many shortcomings, such as small processing capacity and long usage time. There are a series of problems such as large size and complex operation.


The second generation filter press: It has been improved to solve the problems of the first generation.


(1) Filter plate material: In order to increase the processing capacity and increase the filtration area, it is necessary to increase the number of filter plates and the area of the filter plates. In addition to cast iron filter plates, new chemical material filter plates have emerged.


(2) Filter plate structure: The filter plate uses a new steel reinforced plate. A layer of rubber film and rubber periphery are pressed on the surface of the filter plate. This filter plate is light in weight, easy to maintain, and has good preventive properties.


(3) Safety facilities: Set up photoelectric safety shielding on the side of the filter plate as a monitoring and safety measure. When the operator's body blocks the photoelectric beam, the filter plate stops moving. When the operator leaves the beam, the equipment starts automatically.



Third generation filter press: The VPA filter press developed in the United States is the representative of the third generation filter press. Compared with the traditional second-generation filter press, its filter plate is stronger and more durable, the model is larger, the filtration pressure is increased, and the cycle time is reduced.


Fourth-generation filter press: The APN filter press produced by Spanish TH Company is the current new generation of filter press. Compared with the third-generation filter press, its significant difference is its small body and structure. Simple, takes up less space; has fewer filter plates and fast circulation; adopts mechanical extrusion process.


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