Wastewater Magnetic separator

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Wastewater Magnetic separator is a commonly used physical separation equipment, it uses the magnetic separation of impurity particles in wastewater, for non-magnetic or weakly magnetic particles in water, the use of magnetic inoculation technology can make them magnetic. With the help of external magnetic field, the magnetic suspended solids in the wastewater are separated, so as to achieve the purpose of water purification.

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Working Principle

The principle of the magnetic separator has two kinds of centrifugal filtration and centrifugal sedimentation, mainly using the condensation of pollutants and the addition of magnetism. Cohesion refers to the fact that pollutants with ferromagnetism or paramagnetism are condensed into particles with an increased surface diameter under the action of a magnetic field and then removed. Added magnetism means that the magnetic properties of weak paramagnetic or non-magnetic contaminants are enhanced by the addition of magnetic seeds and can be easily removed by magnetic separation. Or the paramagnetic ions in wastewater can be absorbed by additional microorganisms, and then the paramagnetic pollutants in the ions can be removed by magnetic separation.

Centrifugal filtration is the centrifugal pressure of suspended matter under the action of centrifugal force field, which acts on the filter medium, so that the liquid becomes filtrate through the filter medium, and the solid particles are captured on the surface of the filter medium, so as to achieve liquid-solid separation; Centrifugal sedimentation is the application of suspension (or emulsion) of different densities to achieve liquid-solid separation.

The magnetic separator consists of five parts: main engine, coil cooling system, rectifier power supply, pneumatic control system and electrical control system.

The main machine of the magnetic separator includes a magnet (coil, outer iron yoke), a sorting box equipped with magnetic medium and a supporting structure, and a material flow distribution system.

Coil cooling system includes cooling water distribution pipe, internal cooling pipe and external cooling pipe system and heat exchanger.

The rectifier power supply comprises dry rectifier transformer and thyristor rectifier cabinet.

The air control system includes an air control valve, an air control cabinet and an air compressor.

The control system includes manual and automatic operation control system, overvoltage, undervoltage and overheat protection device for cooling system, peripheral equipment interlock operation and fault alarm and automatic shutdown system.

Product Advantages


Short residence time: It can realize the rapid separation of pollutants and water in the water body, and it only takes about 3min from the reaction to the separation of suspended solids, phosphates and algae.

Small footprint: The reduction of residence time will greatly reduce the volume of the processing equipment, thus greatly reducing the footprint. It can realize the compound of the equipment and make it into the truck-mounted mobile processing equipment to improve the utilization rate.

Large water treatment: a single device can achieve a processing capacity of 1500m3/h.

The effluent quality is good: the concentration of suspended matter in the treated effluent of the equipment is less than 8mglL, and the total phosphorus is less than 0.3mg/L.

Low operating cost: effectively optimize the dosage of the drug, reduce operating costs, depending on the situation can save 15% of the dosage; magnetic powder recovery, recovery rate of more than 99%;

the power consumption cost of the equipment itself is extremely low, and the power consumption of tons of water treatment is less than 0.05 yuan, which has great advantages in energy consumption.

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Processing capacity/m3.h-1


Installed power /KW


Operating power /KW


Projected sludge discharge/m3.h-1


Sludge moisture content/%


Magnetic seed consumption/t


PAM consumption/t


VPAC consumption/t


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Free on-site maintenance within the warranty period.

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Some parts are replaced free of charge.

Support customization.

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