Why do all the filter press operators say the membrane filter press is better

The membrane filter press adopts the principle of compressed air, which belongs to the filtration process of high-efficiency dehydration. After the initial kneading of the filter plate, the drum membrane will be inflated again (or liquid), so as to achieve more full filtration, greatly reducing the moisture content of the filter cake. And in recent years, the machine is widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, electronics, ceramics, textile and other occupations. At the end of the feeding process, the filter cake is pressed by high pressure through the drum membrane to greatly reduce the moisture content of the filter cake. Fully automatic treatment also reduces a lot of labor force, and in some processes, the drying process can be avoided.

The filter plate of diaphragm filter press is double-sided with diaphragm cavity. Compared with the filter plate of frame filter press, the diaphragm filter plate has two front and back working filter surfaces: diaphragm. When the pressing medium (such as compressed air or liquid) is introduced into the back of the diaphragm, the diaphragm will bulge out in the direction of the filtering chamber, that is to say, after the filtering process is completed, the filter cake will be kneaded again under high pressure. The moisture content of filter cake can be 10-40% lower than that of ordinary filter plate. Compared with the traditional box filter press, the solid content of filter cake can be increased to more than 2 times under some conditions, and the material transportation cost is greatly reduced# Plate and frame filter press#

According to the materials of different raw materials, different raw materials and types should be selected to ensure high quality filtration. Diaphragm materials are: Yamato rubber, nitrile butadiene rubber, Teflon, etc. Due to the good filtering effect, high quality, labor saving and material secondary treatment cost of the barrier filter press, it has a positive leading position in major professions. For example: paint, coatings, ceramics, environmental protection, wastewater treatment, construction, sludge, chemical industry, etc. If used for slightly higher viscosity of the fluid, you need to match reducer or frequency governor, gear pump is the same.
Moreover, the diaphragm filter press has the advantages of small volume, easy handling, no foundation, simple and economical installation. Diaphragm filter press can be used to transport fluid with unstable chemical properties. Due to the low shear force of pneumatic pump, it has little physical impact on data. Such as: photosensitive materials, flocculant, etc. In places with relatively poor construction environment, such as construction sites, industrial and mining wastewater, the pipeline is easy to be blocked due to many impurities and messy components in the sewage. The barrier filter press can pass through particles and the flow rate is adjustable. When the pipeline is blocked, it will stop actively until it is unobstructed. Otherwise, the load of the electric pump will be too high, and the motor will be hot and vulnerable.

Post time: May-11-2021