The maintenance of diaphragm filter press bearing should pay attention to these three points

With the increase of filter pressure, the risk of pressure difference at the end of each filtration cycle will increase rapidly. Diaphragm pressure filtration technology advocates low pressure filtration and high pressure pressurization, which can greatly avoid pressure difference. The pressure difference is the main reason for the damage of the filter plate.


Although the bearing of diaphragm filter press is only a small part of the filter press, it plays a very important role in the filter press. In the daily work of membrane filter press, some wastewater and sludge are easy to damage the bearing, which has a very adverse impact on the bearing of membrane filter press.

Therefore, pay attention to the maintenance of the bearing of the diaphragm filter press, especially the following three points:

1. If the bearing of diaphragm filter press is damaged, it should be replaced in time. When installing new bearings, very strict specifications are required.

2. Avoid strong impact on bearing, avoid scratch, indentation and fracture.

3. In the process of using the diaphragm filter press, always pay attention to the antirust treatment of the bearing, and do not let too much water. Clean the outside of the bearing housing, apply lubricant and carry out maintenance.

Although the bearing of diaphragm filter press is only a small part, its maintenance and repair is not easy. It is hoped that you can take the above precautions to protect the filter bearing in actual operation.

Post time: Jul-05-2021