Filter Press Operation

1.Press the filter plate: connect the power supply, start the motor and press the filter plate of the filter press. Pay attention to check the number of filter plates before pressing the filter plate, which shall meet the requirements. There shall be no foreign matter between the sealing surfaces of the filter plate, and the filter cloth shall be flat on the filter plate without wrinkles.

2.Pressure maintaining: the mechanical pressure reaches the pressure of filter press.

3.Feed filtration: after entering the pressure maintaining state, check the opening and closing state of each pipeline valve, and start the feed pump after confirming that there is no error. The feed liquid enters each filter chamber through the feed hole on the thrust plate, and pressurizes and filters under the specified pressure to gradually form filter cake. Pay attention to observe the change of filtrate and feed pressure during feeding. Note that the water level of the feed pump should be normal, and the feeding process should be continuous, so as to avoid the pressure difference caused by the blockage of the feed hole and the rupture of the filter plate. When the filtrate flows out slowly and the cake pressure reaches more than 6kg, the feed pump shall be shut down.

4.Release the filter plate and remove the filter cake: turn on the power, start the motor, release the hold down plate and remove the filter cake.

5.Cleaning and finishing filter cloth: clean the filter cloth regularly. When cleaning and finishing the filter cloth, carefully check whether the filter cloth is damaged, whether the feed hole and outlet hole are blocked, and carefully check the feed inlet every time to avoid pressure difference and damage to the filter plate.

Post time: Mar-24-2021