Filter Press Operation Procedure

(1) Pre- filtration inspection

1. Before operation, check whether the inlet and outlet pipelines, whether the connection is leakage or blockage, whether the pipe and filter press plate frame and filter cloth are kept clean, and whether the liquid inlet pump and valves are normal.

2. Check whether the connecting parts, bolts and nuts of the frame are loose, and they shall be adjusted and tightened at any time. The parts moving relatively must be kept well lubricated frequently. Check whether the oil level of reducer and nut oil cup is in place and whether the motor is in normal reverse direction.

(2) Prepare for filtration

1. Turn on the external power supply, press the button of the electric cabinet to reverse the motor, return the middle top plate to the proper position, and then press the stop button.

2.Hang the clean filter cloth on both sides of the filter plate and align the material holes. The filter cloth must be larger than the sealing surface of the filter plate, the cloth hole shall not be larger than the pipe hole, and the smoothing shall not be folded to avoid night leakage. The plate frame must be aligned and the sequence of rinsing filter plates shall not be misplaced.

3. Press the forward turn button on the operation box to make the middle roof plate press the filter plate tightly, and press the stop button when a certain current is reached.

(3) Filtration

1. Open the filtrate outlet valve, start the feed pump and gradually open the feed valve to adjust the return valve. Depending on the filtration speed pressure, the pressure is gradually increased, generally not greater than. At the beginning, the filtrate is often turbid and then turned off. If there is a large leakage between the filter plates, the jacking force of the middle roof can be increased appropriately. However, due to the capillary phenomenon of filter cloth, there is still a small amount of filtrate exudation, which is normal phenomenon, which can be stored by the supporting basin.

2. Monitor the filtrate. If turbidity is found, open flow type can close the valve and continue to filter. If the hidden flow is stopped, replace the damaged filter cloth. When the material liquid is filtered or the filter slag in the frame is full, it is the end of primary filtration.

(4) Filter end

1. Stop the feeding pump and close the feed valve.

2. Press the motor reverse button to retreat the pressing plate during cake discharging.

3. Remove the filter cake and wash the filter cloth, filter plate and filter frame, stack them in order to prevent deformation of the plate frame. It can also be placed in the filter press in sequence and pressed tightly with the pressing plate to prevent deformation. Wash the site and scrub the rack, keep the frame and the site clean, cut off the external power supply, and the whole filtration work is finished.

Operation procedures of filter press

1.The number of filter plates on the filter press of all specifications shall not be less than that specified on the nameplate, and the pressing pressure, feed pressure, press pressure and feed temperature shall not exceed the scope specified in the specification. If the filter cloth is damaged, replace the hydraulic oil in time. In general, the hydraulic oil shall be replaced once in the second half of the year. In dusty environment, it shall be replaced once in 1-3 months and all hydraulic components such as oil cylinder and oil tank shall be cleaned once.

2.The screw rod, screw nut, bearing, shaft chamber and hydraulic mechanical pulley shaft of mechanical filter press shall be filled with 2-3 liquid lubricating oil every shift. It is strictly forbidden to apply dry calcium grease on the screw rod, and it is forbidden to start the pressing action again under the pressing state, and it is strictly forbidden to adjust the parameters of the electric relay at will.

3.During the operation of hydraulic filter press, personnel are forbidden to stay or pass after the cylinder is in operation. When pressing or returning, personnel must be kept watch over the operation. All hydraulic parts shall not be adjusted at will to prevent equipment damage or personal safety caused by uncontrolled pressure.

4.The sealing surface of filter plate must be clean and free of folds. The filter plate shall be vertical and tidy with the main beam. It is not allowed to be inclined to the front and the back, otherwise, the pressing action shall not be started. It is strictly forbidden to extend the head and limb into the filter plate during the slag discharging process of the pulling plate. The air in the cylinder must be drained.

5.All filter plate feed ports must be cleaned to avoid blocking and damaging the filter plate. Filter cloth should be cleaned in time.

6.The electric control box shall be kept dry, and all kinds of electrical appliances shall not be washed with water. Filter press must have ground wire to prevent short circuit and leakage.

Maintenance and maintenance of equipment

In order to make better use of and manage the plate frame filter press, improve the product quality and prolong the service life of the equipment, daily maintenance and maintenance of the plate frame filter press is an essential link, so the following points should be done:

1.Check whether the connecting parts of the plate frame filter press are loose frequently, and fasten and adjust them in time.

2.The filter cloth of the plate frame filter press shall be cleaned and replaced frequently. After the work, the residue shall be cleaned timely, and the block shall not be dried on the plate frame to prevent leakage in case of reuse. Clean the water strip and drain hole frequently to keep it smooth.

3.The oil or hydraulic oil of the plate frame filter press shall be changed frequently, and the rotating parts shall be well lubricated.

4. The filter press shall not be sealed with oil for a long time. The plate frame shall be stacked in a ventilated and dry warehouse with a stacking height of not more than 2m to prevent bending and deformation.

Post time: Mar-24-2021